Quest Academy - Tutoring Center
Children with ADHD/ADD are gifted. Their minds work faster and more creatively than the rest of us. This make traditional education exceptionally challenging. Challenging, not impossible! It is possible for an ADHD/ADD child to flourish, maintain high self esteem and even excel in a traditional school setting with the right tools. Just as you would not expect a child with glasses to succeed in class without her glasses, ADHD/ADD children should also be given the right tools to succeed. During an ADHD/ADD consultation, you will learn tricks and tips to successfully navigate through school with your ADHD/ADD child. We will discuss how to avoid homework battles, organization strategies, the use of mnemonic devices and adaptations to ask for in an IEP. While a medical specialist is the authority in the medical side of ADHD/ADD, only an educator with tremendous experience with ADHD/ADD can help you with the educational side. School does not have to be difficult for these bright and talented students. Let's work together to help them succeed!
Consultation fee includes 90 minute consultation, and helpful materials $75
Follow-up appointments are $30/ half-hour.