Quest Academy - Tutoring Center

Common core, homework arguments, algebra frustrations...there are several challenges facing school children (and their parents!) today. At Quest, we will help you tackle any challenge your child faces. Our role extends farther than simply explaining assignments and improving grades. We work collaboratively with classroom teachers, assess academic areas, assist with IEP or 504 meeting planning, and become your child's greatest cheerleader. Children enjoy coming to Quest because it makes them feel successful and enjoy learning. 
The director:

Quest is run by a credentialed teacher who worked in the Alpine school district for years. Because of this wonderful relationship with local teachers, collaboration and communication is frequent on behalf of your child. It is rare among tutoring centers to find a collaborative effort between the classroom teacher and tutor.

Home tutoring vs. 
tutoring center:

Working in a professional environment is far more beneficial than having a tutor come to your house for several reasons. Household distractions are eliminated so the child's focus is on learning. At Quest, we have a multitude of professional materials at our fingertips to enhance and reinforce the curriculum.

2526 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine, CA 

 Merrily Medina
Monday-Thursday 2:15-7:00
or by appointment