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Quest is run by a credentialed teacher who worked in the Alpine school district for years. Because of this wonderful relationship with local teachers, collaboration and communication is frequent on behalf of your child. It is rare among tutoring centers to find a collaborative effort between the classroom teacher and tutor. An experienced mother of three daughters, Merrily brings wisdom of parenting through transitions, coupled with her certification in life coaching to Quest.

Merrily Medina
Math tutor

Carlos Flores has both a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master's degree in Education, along with his teaching credential. He is bilingual in Spanish, and currently runs sessions for all children, including  ESL students.

Dyslexia Tutor

Jennie is a retired elementary teacher of 38 years. She loves tapping into a child’s own strengths giving them the confidence to try new tasks. She builds connections with smiles and positivity!

Cadence the dog
Special education tutor

Janet DeLaTorre brings years of experience working in the Alpine School District as both an instructional aide and special education aide. She carries her BA in Criminal Justice and helps with students of all ages.

Cadence is our mascot and our Emotional Support Animal. Trained as a service dog, she is often at Quest for love and support. She enjoys carrots, strawberries and belly rubs!

Working in a professional environment is far more beneficial than having a tutor come to your house for several reasons. Household distractions are eliminated so the child's focus is on learning. At Quest, we have a multitude of professional materials at our fingertips to enhance and reinforce the curriculum. Additionally, rather than the small-group setting with "extra practice" materials offered elsewhere, the private 1:1 targeted tutoring at Quest results in measured academic growth and confidence in the specific areas needed by your child.

Quest Room 3
Quest Tutoring Room 2
Quest Tutoring Room 1
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