About the Program 

The Academic Life Coaching Program is designed to address:

• Stress about grades

• Organization and Motivation

• Frustration in relationships (whether between parent/teen, teacher/student, or among peers)

• Anxiety about the future


Students in the program:

  • Turn inward to find intrinsic motivation

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve relationships with parents, peers, and teachers

  • Improve grades by learning systems that work for them

  • Improve communication and learn to advocate for themselves

  • Learn valuable life skills that enable them to grow into independant young adults, fully capable for their next journey

Even before Covid rattled all that we know, teens have found this time of their lives to be turbulent, exciting, and scary. They need someone to turn to, that can be a trusted ear to help them bounce ideas and problems off, without fear of judgement. While needing that someone to be an adult, there is comfort in it not being their parent. My goal as a coach is never to advise what should be done, but instead to ask powerful questions guiding my clients to look within for what could be done. We can nag them until  we are blue in the face, but the reality is that unless your child finds motivation within, no real lasting change will take place. 

Add to the stress of school, an unprecedented 2020, perhaps life changes, and an entirely new way to "go" to school, and students need coaching more than ever. 

I bring to the table my life coaching and mindfulness certifications, 25 years as an educator, and experience of raising three daughters. My approach is one of kind listening, gentle nudging, and a good old fashioned "Here's the deal..." when needed. 

In addition to increased grades, confidence, and life goals, students leave my office with life skills that will help them be true to themselves, set SMART goals with actionable steps, and feel ready to adult!

Details of the Program

Enrollment in the coaching program is a minimum four month commitment and includes:

Four 1:1 sessions (40 minutes) per month

Twice weekly grade checks

All access text communication 

Self-reflection and personal growth strategies and processes

A journal

Covid-coping special (through 02/28/21): $240/month

Regular price: $300/month

Fine print: Please note this is a coaching experience, as I am not a liscenced therapist. Also, we cannot guarantee an increase in grades, although that is common with coaching, as ultimately, your child's grades are a reflection of his/her dedication to work and the program.