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2526 Alpine Blvd. 

Alpine, CA 91901

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Why Quest?

Common core, homework arguments, algebra frustrations ...there are several challenges facing school children (and their parents!) today. At Quest, we will help you tackle any challenge your child faces. Our role extends further than simply explaining assignments and improving grades. We work collaboratively with classroom teachers, assess academic areas, assist with IEP or 504 meeting planning, and become your child's greatest cheerleader. Children enjoy coming to Quest because it makes them feel successful and enjoy learning. 

I want to tell you how much my girls love you!  With them having anxiety and being nervous about certain situations, going to work with you at Quest is never an issue.  They actually look forward to it and are so comfortable with you and they always have something nice to say about their tutoring day every week.  I really believe that them working with you and how wonderful you are with them has helped them blossom.  I appreciate your help more than you know! -K.L.

I wanted to drop a note and let you know that he had a great time in his Summer Bridge Class.  It’s not very often that you have your son attend a school oriented activity during his summer recess and he enjoys it!  Never reluctant to go, never complained!  That says something wonderful about your program and the young lady you had teaching him. -R.H.

Merrily Medina and Quest Academy have been, and continue to be, an integral and indispensable part of my daughter’s academic success.  We started with Merrily in first grade, when my daughter started showing signs of difficulty learning to read and was quickly falling behind at school.  Merrily was able to assess my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses, develop a learning plan, and assist my daughter in making steady progress academically.  Additionally, Merrily’s in-depth knowledge of learning, and strong ties to the community, helped to get the support at school that my daughter needed.  Year after year, Merrily has worked closely with us and with my daughter’s teachers to create and maintain a comprehensive learning support system that enables my child to flourish in and out of school.  My daughter is now in fifth grade.  She is successful, confident and performing at and above grade level.  She has the tools and the support that she needs to be successful.  Merrily and Quest have been instrumental in that success.  The individualized and comprehensive assistance and guidance that we receive is worth every penny, and my daughter looks forward to her “Medina Mondays.” -A.G.

Tutoring and Dyslexia Center

Owner: Merrily Medina

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Hours: Monday-Friday 2:15-7:00pm or by appointment

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