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Well, you may not have ever wanted to home school, and didn't even know "Distance Learning" was a thing until spring of we are. And here at Quest, we want to help and support you. So, in addition to our regular services, we have added Distance Learning Support. 

Here's What's Included

  • Supervised space to work, responsibly distance from other students

  • Limited conceptual support by a tutor (basic support with academic issues)

  • WiFi

  • Support with technical issues

  • Accountability to stay on task and complete assignments

Here's What's Not Included

  • Direct instruction- if your child is struggling with specific concepts, please enroll in private tutoring

  • Accountability for all playlist assignments-if your child is struggling with time management and study skills, please enroll in academic coaching 


1 day/week:

$20/hour (3 hour block)

2 days/week:

$17/hour (3 hour block)

3 days/week:

$15/hour (3 hour block)

Spaces are extremely limited, in order to maintain social distancing. Reserved sessions are non-refundable.


The Fine Print:

All students will be required to complete a Covid-19 release form and adhere to the same health parameters they would at school or any other public event.

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