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"Waiting for circumstances to change to find joy, is like looking in the mirror and waiting for your reflection to smile first." -Basha

There are specific areas of the curriulum that I consider to be critical. If these are mastered, ALL learning improves, and no matter when students return to school, they will be more prepared! Please work on these every day. Additionally, click on the links below for review curriculum for each grade level. This is a wonderful opportunity to see where any foundational holes are. Have your child bring thier packet with them to review with their tutor. We will be able to reteach concepts (or teach for the first time) as necessary. If the packet seems too easy, after he/she completes it, feel free to move on to the next grade level. If we are still here next month, I will upload another. 

  1. READ 30-60 minutes each day

  2. Basic facts: we generally focus on addition and multiplication. By adding memorization for subtraction and division facts, we are doubling success. Download apps or make flashcards. SPEED is what we are going for.

  3. WRITE: Bring in a paragraph free-write. We will identify areas that need improvement. Have your child write EVERY DAY.

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